Community Yard Sale – 9/23

Recap – Summer Tour & Taste Event

Lucky guests enjoyed a delicious assortment of refreshing treats at the “Tour & Taste of Summer” event at River Terrace Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Lancaster yesterday.

Meet the Sales & Marketing Team at River Terrace! Amanda Bairos, Clinical Nurse Liaison; Tara DeWitte, Admissions Coordinator/Business Office Manager; Michelle Jones, Community Liaison; and Miatta Green, Administrator.

Everyone loved the Pineapple Mint Water and Strawberry Lemonade! Delicious!!

River Terrace – Help Us Help Those In Need

Improving health care for people living in Ghana, West Africa has been a passion for Dr. Edna MarkAddy, Hospitalist, and Founder of MedHealth Centers. River Terrace is proud to have teamed up with Dr. MarkAddy in collecting medical supplies needed for her clinics in Ghana. We invite you to watch the recent Talk Me Healthy Episode Interview with Scherrie Keating RN, BSN, CDE where Dr. MarkAddy speaks about her passion and the need for improving healthcare in Ghana, West Africa.


Doctor building much-needed medical facilities in Ghana

Dr. Edna MarkAddy, a hospitalist at Leominster Hospital, is the founder of MedHealth Center in Ghana, West Africa, where she is building clinics. She talked about what she has been doing at her home in Holden on Thursday afternoon. (SENTINEL& ENTERPRISE/JOHN LOVE)

LEOMINSTER — If you want to build a hospital in Ghana, the first thing you’re going to need is land.

Dr. Edna MarkAddy’s goal was to find a place somewhere outside the capital city of Accra, in an area not too far from where she had grown up. As she searched around the greater Accra region, she happened upon a doctor performing routine checkups on newborns.

With no office to work in, the doctor was performing the examinations outside, standing under a tree.

To read the article featured in the Sentinel & Enterprise and written by Peter Jasinski: Click Here

Touching Lives a World Away

LANCASTER — It’s no easy feat to build a health clinic from scratch.

You need all of the standard medical equipment found in any doctor’s office, but you also need the basic supplies of any functional workplace.

Whether it’s a stethoscope or a stapler, it’s all on the wish list for Dr. Edna Markaddy, a Leominster-based physician currently gathering donations for five clinics she’s planning to open in Ghana. Markaddy, the founder of MedHealth Centers, has partnered with River Terrace Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Lancaster to collect the items she needs.

Read the full article on Sentinel & Enterprise News: Click Here

Join Us for a Taste of Summer – 8/15

July Activities Calendar

Wishing a very Happy Birthday!

To all our residents who are celebrating this month, we would like to wish you all a Happy Birthday!

Michelina B. 6/8
Virginia S. 6/13
Frances B. 6/14
Margarita R. 6/20
Jeanne G. 6/23

June Activities Calendar

River Terrace Sponsors “Wall That Heals – Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall”

Pictured are (L-R) Fitchburg Mayor Stephen DiNatale; Joe Firmani, Organizer of the Event; Michelle Jones, Community Liaison River Terrace; and Michele Marino, Veterans’ Services Commissioner City of Fitchburg

Recently, we went to the Veterans’ Affair Office in Fitchburg and were proud to support “The Wall that Heals – Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall”.